Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lottery Websites

I thought it might be useful to provide a list of all of the lottery websites that I am a member of. These usually pay out a prize every day and you have to check the site to see if you are a winner. Some sites have additional ways to earn credits that you can cash out or you win in addition to any prizes you win on that day. So far I have only won on Birthdate Lottery, but I still think that they are all work a try:

Numberplate Lotto
The Street Lottery
Lucky Phone Lottery
Birthdate Lottery
Free Postcode Lottery
DOB Lottery
Lucky Day Lottery

They all have draws at different times of the day. The first two are done by the time I first switch on my computer at 7.30am. Lucky Phone ia at 9am. Birthdate Lottery is at 11am. Free Postcode Lottery has most draws at midday but one draw takes place at 9pm. Lucky Day lottery is 10am on Mondays and Fridays.

Lucky Phone, Birthdate and Free Postcode Lotteries have ways to earn extra credits or points which mean that you have a better chance of earning more from them.

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