Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Make Money from Online Surveys

I make quite a lot of money doing online surveys and I thought that it might be useful to share some of my secrets!

The main site that I earn form is YouGov. This only sends out surveys that I am qualified to do which means that I get credited for every survey, which is one of the reasons that I like them so much. They also give surveys which are politically based and the results get passe don to the UK media often, which also makes them fun. They do not pay out until you have reached £50, which seems a lot, but is worth the wait. They pay through BACS straight to your bank account but you do have to claim a payment, once you have earned enough and it takes a few weeks to arrive.

I also earn a lot on a site called Clixsense through answering surveys. These are not so much fun as they have screening questions and it can take a good few minutes to find out whether you qualify and if you do not, you will not get paid. They also sometimes give you the same ones and you cannot get credited twice. However, they do pay reliably and there are other ways to earn money on their site and with a cash out minimum of $8 it does not take too long to get money out.

Pureprofile gives surveys as well as having other ways to earn money. What I particularly like about this site is that it pays you even if you are screened out of surveys and this means that you do not feel that you are wasting your time. However, you do have to earn £25 to cash out and I do not get sent surveys that often.

Lastly Hiving Panel is another survey site that I use. They pay after you earn just $4 so you can try it out and cash out quickly. However, they do screen you out of surveys quite often and you do not get credit for these.

There are obviously advantages of being a member of lots of survey sites as you have more opportunities to earn. However, most of them, apart form YouGov get surveys form the same sources and this means that you may do a survey on one site and get screened out on another as you have already done it. This can waste time and be rather annoying. Therefore it is probably best to just choose YouGov and one other site, if you wish to earn with surveys.


charan said...

Clixsense is one the oldest genuine paying site, we can earn decent income only if we are regularly click ads and through our referrals.. and neobux is also good one am making nice profits with neobux p.t.c. Thanks Rachel for posting !

Juanje said...


Do you have any information about It’s a GPT site but I didn’t find it on your site, and it looks good.


Rachel said...

I have not heard of before, have you made a lot of money from it?