Saturday, June 04, 2016

May Earnings

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Writing - £449.37

Article Writing - £421.20
Digital Forum article sales - £28.17

Book Sales - £4.01

Amazon - £4.01

Other - £88.34

Waterproof Memo Board Sale - £19.17
YouGov - £50.00
Clixsense - £18.86
Search Lotto - £0.31

Making a Grand Total of £525.35

It was interesting that I have not made a post since last months earnings summary. This shows how busy I have been which is reflected in the fact that I have made more this month than I have since February 2014. It feels great to have a decent looking balance for a change which is pretty much due to picking up some new clients for my writing work and getting the Yougov pay out. The writing came as a result of looking for new work on Digital Point Forums.

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