Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I Won The Street Lottery!

I have exciting news this morning, I logged onto The Street Lottery as usual, expecting not to win but had a gold claim button. I know that I should have taken a screen shot, but I was so excited I clicked it and now cannot see it again!

I received my Paypal payment this evening. It may only be $5 but it is all for free and I get a little buzz from getting some free money!

What makes this site stand out from the others is that every day that you visit the site increases your chances of winning. However, they are having trouble with advertisers at the moment so are generating no income so it could be likely they may have to close, therefore it is worth signing up quickly to see if you can win before it is too late! Other similar sites are also struggling to raise finances so it could be worth joining those too, so that you can have the chance of some free money. I have listed the ones that I am a member of below to make joining easier.

Numberplate Lotto
Birthdate Lottery
Free Postcode Lottery
DOB Lottery
Lucky Phone Lottery

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