Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Christmas Shopping

I am determined this year to spend less money on gifts and other things associated with Christmas. I have already sorted out some gifts of items I have already that I am regifting. I have also bought a lot of second hand things to save money and my husband has bartered some weekend work in exchange for a few items that will be used as gifts. I will buy new things for people as well, but it is nice to save some money. I have decided that the items that I buy will come form local shops as much as possible so that I can do my best for the local economy. This means that I will not be going online to buy a kurt cobain mustang but I will be hopefully still find some items that people will enjoy. I also managed to save a lot of gift wrap from last Christmas, as I had family over on Christmas day and so I will reuse that for some gifts and I have rolls of new paper too left over so that will save me money as well. I will use up the cards I have left from last year, use ones I was given last year as gift tags and send email cards to family members that live abroad. Last year it was not only the cost but the waste that worried me so as well as reusing, regifting and buying second hand, I am also making sure that I buy practical gifts that people will use rather than frivolous things that are not necessary. I think it could be a challenge but hopefully it will work and people will like them!

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