Wednesday, November 09, 2016

YAY - I won a fiver, thank you Free Postcode Lottery

I won my first fiver from the Free Postcode Lottery today. This was from clicking a link in an advert. Most prizes on the site are higher than this, but even this small win was really exciting. I knew the site was genuine and trusted it, especially as it has been mentioned on Money saving experts website, but it is still great to win yourself and know it is all legitimate. It is easy to sign up and you just have to check each day to see if you have won. The prizes roll over if no one claims which means that the jackpot has been over £1000 in the past. I was not quite that lucky but it was still great to win. Good luck if you decide to sign up. You can do so using my referral link which is here - or just go to freepostcodelottery.com if you would rather not use my referral.

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