Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Free Lotteries

Free lottery sites are really growing now and I have been joining up with quite a few recently. I thought it would be wise to share my list so that you can join up with any that you are not yet a member of :

This is my favourite : 

Lucky Phone - I won the main draw and cashed out loyalty points twice

These are others I have won:

The Street Lottery - I won the main draw
Birthdate Lottery - I won the survey draw
Free Postcode Lottery - I won a flash prize

I know people who have won these:

Badger the Button
Lucky Patch
Free Lotteries

Others that are worth a try:

Numberplate Lottery
The Selfie Lottery
DOB Lottery
Free Emoji Lottery
Ashleigh Money Savers Draw
Free Lucky Lottery
Big Free Giveaway

Good Luck!!

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