Monday, February 20, 2017

Win Win Win !!!!!

I am still playing the free lottery sites to see whether I can win any money for free. They are a lot of fun and do not take that long to check. I am a member of the following:

Lucky Phone 
The Street Lottery
Birthdate Lottery
Free Postcode Lottery
Badger the Button
Lucky Patch
Free Lotteries
Numberplate Lottery
The Selfie Lottery
DOB Lottery
Free Emoji Lottery
Ashleigh Money Savers Draw
Free Lucky Lottery
Big Free Giveaway

On many sites you can refer friends and family to get bigger chances of winning the draw so it is well worth a go. Many of the links above contain my referral codes, I woudl appreciate it if you could use them to sign up, but if you woudl rather not you can just go to the main domain and sign up there.

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