Friday, March 03, 2017

All About Lucky Phone Lottery

I have been going on a lot about the free lottery sites lately and I think all of them are a great chance to make some money for very little effort and they are fun as well. A great alternative to a lottery ticket. However, the site that I like the best at the moment is Lucky Phone so I thought that I woudl explain a bit more about it.

In order to enter the lottery draw, you need to register. You will then have a 'lucky dip' number given to you which will be entered in the daily £10 lucky dip draw. You also have the option to register 6 telephone numbers. These are entered in the main and mega draw. The prizes for these vary, depending on whether they roll over or how many numbers you match and they have better prizes than the lucky dip so it is well worth registering as many numbers as possible. You need the owner of the numbers permission, so I have 5 registered, my landline and the mobiles of myself, husband and two children, which they were happy to let me use. I have won the main draw once and often win loyalty points too, which I will explain more about later.

There are other games that you can play on the site as well, using the telephone numbers that you have registered. There are several bingo games, one which gives three new numbers a day, one that gives three numbers twice a day (I won this once) and quick games which run every two hours and give numbers each minute (I win about three times a month on these). The prizes on all of these are loyalty points paid out to the winner. There is also a new scratchcard game which rewards the winner in Quidco vouchers and has some loyalty point prizes as well.

The loyalty points is one of the reasons I like this site better than the rest. There are lots of ways to earn them, as well as those mentioned above you can choose a lucky date and you will get paid them on that date if you visit the site. If someone you refer wins, you also get points. Once you accumulate 1000 points you can cash them out for £10. However, you can also hold onto points if you prefer, because the cash value of your points will be added to any lottery prize you win and you will also keep the points, so you can then choose cash them in or wait to see if you win again.

All of these details make for a really exciting site and one well worth signing up to. So if you have not already, I woudl appreciate if you could do so using my referral code - Thank you very much.

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