Thursday, March 02, 2017

February Earnings

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I did not make a lot in February, a short month with a school holiday in it probably accounted for some of it, but I certainly enjoyed having a bit of a rest and finding time for other projects! Myself and my husband have also been having some good Premium Bond wins lately which has been helping our finances. We are so pleased we do those rather than the National Lottery. I usually have two Lotto and two Euromillions tickets a week and I won twice this month (a grand total of £0.36 due to being shared in a syndicate of 25) through Searchlotto which is thankfully free. Imagine how much money I would have lost otherwise!

Writing - £190.34
Article Writing - £193.04

Book Sales - £17.80
Smashwords - £8.77
Amazon - £9.03

Other - £7.67
Quidco £7.28
Paypal B2B cashback £0.03
SearchLotto - £0.36

Making a Grand Total of £215.81

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