Thursday, June 01, 2017

Free Lottery Site Review - Free National Lotto

Free National Lotto

Free NationalLotto is another of the free lottery sites that are very trendy at the moment. It has several draws and, you guessed it, is totally free. There is a Daily Draw and a 5-Ball Draw which occurs twice a week so you have several opportunities to win money. Each draw has five numbers which you need to match exactly.
Daily Draw

The Daily Draw takes place at midday each day. All the ball combinations of registered players are entered and this means that there will be a guaranteed winner each day. However, if they do not log in to claim their prize, it will not be paid to them. The prize is currently £5 a day, but it often rolls over and so will increase in increments of £5 until someone claims.  The 5 Ball Draw is different as a random number generator picks the combination of numbers. The chances of there being a winner are therefore smaller and for this reason the prize pot is larger and more likely to rollover. The draw starts at £250 and £10 is added each time it rolls over, so this could be a significant win. This means that there is a draw for everyone, depending on whether you prefer a bigger chance of winning a small amount or a smaller chance of winning a big amount. If you win, there will be a ‘collect prize’ button and the prize money will be paid to your Paypal account, using the email address that you use to register, so make sure that it is linked to a Paypal account or else your prize money will not reach you.

5 Ball

When you register you will need to provide your email address and choose five numbers between 0 and 40. You can check to see if someone else has chosen those numbers, if they are the same, then you will have to share the prize with them, so you may want to make sure that your number combination is unique. To complete your registration process you will need to agree to the terms and conditions, provide your name a date of birth and then click through a link in a confirmation email that you receive. It is very simple to do and everything is extremely clear.

Once your registration is complete you will be able to see your numbers, find out when the next draws are due, find out your referral link and change your numbers, if you wish. You will need to visit the site to claim your prize if you win and a reminder email is sent out daily so that you remember to do this, which is very useful. The referral code is something that you can give to others to encourage them to sign up and looks something like this - The number at the end is unique to you and so if someone uses that code to sign up, you will be rewarded. The rewards are given as ‘bonus balls’. These are also awarded every time you visit the site, when you get awarded one and when you refer someone you get two. You can also earn them by taking part in offers and promotions. Each bonus ball is equivalent to 1p and so if you win a draw, the value of those bonus balls will be added to your winnings.

As with other similar sites the winnings are funded by advertising on the site, which means it really is free for players. Obviously the more players a site has, the more revenue they will make form the advertising and therefore they will be able to increase the prize fund, so it is always good to do what you can to encourage people that you know to take part and if you give them your referral code to click on, then you can gain as well. 

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