Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Domain Renewal

My domain name is coming up for renewal on this website. I am contemplating whether to keep the website. I have had this site for years and used to be a really good earner for me but has not earned me anything over the last few years. My frugal self wants to save the money and not renew the domain, however a lot of work has gone into this blog over the years and I will lose all of that if I get rid of it. i also know that social media is taking over from blogging and so know that it will be completely useless soon,but I feel I can share more detailed information on the blog compared with social media. I am still pondering and wonder what other people think, whether they are keeping their websites or blogs or switching over completely to social media and also whether people still like reading blogs or prefer to just use social media to find out about things.....

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