Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ways that I earn money

I thought that it might be useful to have a post which shows the places where I make money. I make money in many different ways although the freelance writing is the place tat brings me in the most. I have split them into categories to make it easier:

Cashback - Quidco

SurveysYouGovHiving PanelPure Profile, Viewsbank

Free LotteriesSearch LottoFree Postcode LotteryFree Birthdate Lottery Badger the Button, Rafflemao, Lucky Phone, The Street Lottery, DOB lotteryBig Free Giveaway, Free Cashpot Lottery, My Lucky Patch, Free Emoji Lottery, Win a Dinner, Free Daily Raffle, Free National Lotto

I also make money selling Waterproof Memo Boards, selling my Ebooks and by freelance writing.

I hope that you might decide to try some of these and will have fun and make some money too!

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