Make Money Here!

I make money in a variety of ways and I thought it would be helpful to list them here, with the amount that I have made, if possible. This should help you to decide whether the methods are suitable for you. The links included are mainly affiliate links, which means that I will be rewarded if you decide to become a member of that page. I would appreciate it if you do use the affiliate link, but if you would rather not then you can find links to the sites main pages by searching for them in a search engine. I hope this is of some use to you.

Quidco is a UK website which gives you cash back when you shop. You just go to the site and register and then you search for the shop you are buying online from. You will then be given a link to click which will allow you to get cash back from the site when you shop. You can also register your credit card with the site and when you shop in store with certain shops you will also get cash back. You can draw money out as soon as you reach over £1. You can also earn money through referrals; this amount changes but currently is up to £2.50 per active referral. There are also some offers that you can use make money for free, including Quidco opinions which gives your surveys to complete. As this is cash back, it does not count as income so does not have to be declared to the tax office. I have made £798.64 so far.

YouGov is a survey website. It differs form other sites as it will tell you how much you will be paid before completing the survey and you will also be credited that amount. This means that you will not waste your time answering screening questions and often not qualifying like with many survey sites. The surveys are often on politics or television. You can cash out once you reach £50 worth of credits with each questionnaire being worth between 25p and 75p. I have cashed out four times.

Search Lotto
Search Lotto is a search engine where you can earn credits towards a UK lottery ticket. You have to complete 25 verified searches to earn one ticket, where you will be placed in a syndicate with 20 people and so share any prize. I have won a selection of small prizes and it fills my need to play the lottery without costing me any money. It uses the Yahoo search engine which is fast and comes up with great results. You can earn up to four lottery tickets a week and can choose whether you enter the Euromillions Tuesday or Friday draws, Lotto Wednesday or Saturday draws or both. You will only be entered if you have accumulated enough searches. You also get a free entry if you refer a friend and they qualify for a draw.

Free Postcode Lottery
The Free Postcode Lottery is a UK site which has a selection of free draws each day. You just supply your postcode and email address and visit the site after midday every day t o see if you have won. You need to check each draw page and if you have won you will be able to give more details as to how you would like your prize paid to you. You have to visit the pages to claim your prize, as the site is paid for by advertising. This means that if your postcode is drawn and you do not visit the site, you will not be set your prize. It is a free and fun site and you could win from £5 to £700 per draw and you also get extra credits from referring people and visiting the site which will be adding on to your prize money when you win. I have not yet won, but it seems fair and is fun and most importantly free!

Free Birthdate Lottery
The Free Birthdate Lottery is a UK free lottery site. You can earn points and credits by doing various activities on the site and there are also two daily draws where you can win if your postcode is picked. I have won £5 once but have also won a lot of credits and a competition on the site. It is well worth taking a look at.

Hiving Panel
Hiving Panel is a survey site. You will be emailed when there are new surveys available for you to do. They all pay different amounts of credits and you have to accumulate 4000 points to cash out. I have cashed out twice and was paid through Paypal. You get 600 points for each qualifying friend you refer,

Pure Profile
Pure Profile is UK survey site. They email you when there is a survey available for you to do, but sometimes if you log into the site you will find there is one waiting anyway. The difference in this site from others is that you get paid even if you do not qualify for the survey, although it is a lot less than you would get if you did qualify. There are also other opportunities to earn money, such as signing up for gambling sites. You also earn £2 per referral that answers ten questions. They pay out once you have earned £25 and I have cashed out once.

Clixsense started as a pay to click site. It has now grown and not only pays for clicking advertisements but also for doing surveys, tasks and games. It pays you a percentage of what your referrals earn too. I have earned $246 using the site. You can cash out using Paypal and some other online banking services when you reach a balance of $8. I have cashed out many times.

DP Forums
DP Forums is where I post articles for sale. You can use it to sell a selection of things such as articles, ebooks, digital goods, sites and domains. The site takes a cut of everything you sell, but they will let you know how much it will be before you list the item for sale.

Waterproof Memo Boards
Waterproof Memo Boards are my husbands invention and I have bought the business from him. I make money selling them through their own website as well as on Amazon.

I have written a selection of ebooks and sell them through Amazon kindle as well as using Createspace to sell through many other books store such as Barnes and Noble, Apple iStore and others. This brings in a small but steady income for me.